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Up Install USB Drivers Terminal Software Activating KM9AUSB Activating KM9AUSBPRO Unlock TP with KM9A 93C46 Connections Diagnostic Protection

All of Joe's KeyMaker 9A USB (KM9AUSB and KM9AUSBPRO) are shipped NOT Activated.

KM9AUSBPRO will do NOTHING useful until it has been activated.

You need to;

1./ Install the appropriate USB drivers


2./ Install Terminal Software for your Operating System of choice 

ONLY THEN can you interact with KM9AUSBPRO.

After completing the 2 steps above, connect your KM9AUSB to a USB port on your computer and switch KM9AUSB ON.

Run your Terminal software.

Unless you have already set and saved these settings;

Select the Port that was allocated to KM9AUSB during the USB Driver installation.

Set up the Serial Port on your Terminal software to;

Baud rate: 115200
Data: 8 bit
Parity: none
Stop: 1 bit
Flow control: none
Transmit delay: 1 msec/char 5 msec/line


Save all these setting so you don't have to do this again.

Press the Reset button on KM9AUSB, the reset button in next to the white connector on the corner of the board, the reset button has a brass coloured top and is labelled RESET.

You will be greeted with the following screen reminding you that KM9AUSB must be Activated before it will work.

The KM9AUSB Serial number in the example above is KM913139 - circled in yellow

Your KM9AUSB Serial number will be a different number as all KM9AUB's have a Unique Serial Number and a Unique Activation Product Key that ONLY works on that Serial Number KM9AUSB.

You email your KM9AUSB Serial Number from the email address that is registered to the PayPal account you used to purchase your KM9AUSB.

Send your email to 


type KM9AUSBPRO Activation in the Subject line of your email

By return email. to your PayPal registered email address. you will receive your unique 8 alpha character Activation Product Code that you can type in at the Initial Activation menu.

Once you have received your Unique Activation Product Code by return email:

you press 8 to select Initial Product Activation

You press 1 to select Initial Activation command

You type in your Unique Activation Product Key

If you type in the correct product key you will see PASS followed by any remaining options that can be Activated with a different (Unique) product key for that option for your KM9AUSB Serial number, the unique product key for your KM9AUSB will ONLY work on your Serial numbered KM9AUSB.

in the example above Activation product key KNQLCGGF was typed in and accepted.

You can return to this menu from the Main menu at any time by typing command 0.

If you mistype the Activation product key there is a mandatory 5 second delay, then you can try typing in your Product Key again.

Having successfully Activated your KM9AUSBPRO you press 0 to see the Main Menu.

Activation ONLY needs to be performed once and remains in effect forever.

There are 2 versions of KM9AUSBPRO baord, firmware is identical.

With your KM9AUSBPRO Activated now is a good time to become familiar with how the SVP Zap button works.

It is safe to operate the Zap SVP button without any EEPROM connected.

It will fail almost immediately and give a short burst of fast flashes on the Green EEPROM Activity LED which indicates a failed Zap SVP operation, in this case it fails because obviously it can't find an EEPROM since none is connected.

When the Zap SVP fails you will see this error message displayed

Once you have become familiar with your KM9AUSB board and feel confident, it's time to put it to good use.

A good starting point is "Unlocking Any ThinkPad"

Up Install USB Drivers Terminal Software Activating KM9AUSB Activating KM9AUSBPRO Unlock TP with KM9A 93C46 Connections Diagnostic Protection

If you have any questions email Joe at

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