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Up Stand Alone Mode KM9AUSB 2nd PC KM9AUSBPRO 2nd PC Using KM9AUSBLCD

Joe's KeyMaker 9 LCD [KM9AUSBLCD] User's Guide

KM9AUSBLCD is used together with KM9AUSB, the KM9AUSBLCD board plugs in on top of the KM9AUSB board.

NOTE: KM9AUSB must be ACTIVATED before the KM9AUSBLCD can display messages other than 'Not Activated'

Instructions on how to Activate KMA9USB are here

Instructions on how to Activate KMA9USBPRO are here

All features of KM9AUSB are available including the Zap SVP button.

The advantage of this combination is that you can perform all unlocking operations, display recovered SVP [when available] without requiring a second PC.

The KM9AUSB EEPROM connections are duplicated on the back of the KM9AUSBLCD board

The EEPROM connection labels on the back of the KM9AUSB have a one to one relationship with the connector on the back of the KM9AUSBLCD

When used  with a 93C46 EEPROM, the KM9AUSBLCD connection labels are these

To perform Diagnostics test with KM9AUSBLCD, you connect the supplied 4 way cable thus;

The 4 pin end of the cable is plugged over the male 6 pin header, so that the RED lead is on VCC [Top of connector in image below]

The single end of the YELLOW lead is plugged in on the next pin below the 4 way connector,

The single end of the WHITE lead is plugged in on the last pin.

KeyMaker 9A USB LCD (KM9AUSBLCD) functions are all selected by moving the Joystick tip Left, Right, Up and Down.

The main KM9AUSBLCD display

Joystick control

DOWN scrolls through all the options available in the current menu level

Right selects the currently displayed option and is also used to confirm you wish to perform the currently displayed option.

LEFT and UP back out of the current menu level

The Main Menu

Moving the Joystick tip Down - engages the LCD Screen Menu and Joystick control


Pressing Down, again and again, scrolls through all the Main Menu Options

The US displayed on the bottom right is to remind you which ThinkPad Keyboard Language is currently set, US stands for US English QWERTY, this is important when displaying recovered SVP as the letters can change depending on the Keyboard.








Diagnostics is the last option on the Main Menu, if you press Down once more, the Main Menu is repeated again from the first option




As you scroll through the Main Menu Options, if you wish to perform the currently displayed selection, you move the joystick tip to the Right

For example, you have scrolled Down through the main menu to LSI


You wish to perform an LSI operation - you move the joystick tip to the Right


If you now move the joystick tip Down once more, you will scroll through the next of the 2 options available in the LSI menu


With SVP Clear displayed if you move the Joystick tip to the Right you select that operation



If you confirm that you do indeed wish to Clear SVP by moving the Joystick tip to the Right the Clear SVP operation starts



Had you moved the Joystick tip in any direction other than to the Right to confirm it, the operation is aborted



When the SVP has been cleared you see this, which is to remind you to go into BIOS Setup, select defaults F9 and save F10



All of the LCD - Joystick operations also appear on your PC or Laptop screen if you are running your terminal Software

Notice "Joystick active" is displayed on the PC screen followed by the operations performed using the LCD - Joystick

Also note the more complete message following the operation

You can switch back and forth at any time between the PC keyboard running your Terminal Software or using the LCD- joystick

If the LCD- Joystick was last operated and you wish to use the PC keyboard just press 0 [zero] and you have control, photo below, 0 was pressed screen at Main Menu


If the last command was type on the PC keyboard and you wish to switch over to the LCD - Joystick, simply move the Joystick tip either Left or Up and you are back at the Main display on the LCD with the Joystick in control


Trying to explain using the LCD - Joystick in fact makes it appear to be much more difficult than it is to use it in practice.

Down scrolls through all available options at that Menu level.

Right selects/confirms that menu level or operation.

Left gets you out of almost anything.


I make no warranty that any of my information is correct, or safe, or does or does not breach any warranty clause,  or anything else, it is up to you to decide if you will follow all or any of the instructions to recover the Supervisor Password from a TP. It is up to you to decide, I am not responsible for the results or for any consequential or incidental damages whatsoever.

Up Stand Alone Mode KM9AUSB 2nd PC KM9AUSBPRO 2nd PC Using KM9AUSBLCD

If you have any questions, email Joe at

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