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KMX2 User's Guide

All of Joe's KeyMakers KMX2, KMX2 PRO and KMX2 PRO Plus are shipped NOT Activated.

Before you can use your KMX2 series board you must first Activate it.

KMX2 will do NOTHING useful until it has been activated !

The Zap SVP button will NOT work until after the KMX2 series board has been Activated.

Put simply, do not waste your time trying to use the KMX2 series board until after it has been Activated.

Activation involves using a PC or Laptop - another PC or Laptop -, NOT your Locked ThinkPad which obviously cannot run any programs.

On that other PC or Laptop you will need to install Drivers for KMX2 USB interface.

You will then need to install a Terminal Program and connect the KMX2 board via a USB cable to that PC or Laptop so that you can see on the PC or Laptop screen messages displayed by KMX2 and type in commands and Activation Product Key which will be received by the KMX2 board.

Follow this link to Activate your KMX2

Follow this link to Activate your KMX2 PRO

Follow this link to Activate your KMX2 PRO Plus

AFTER you have COMPLETED ACTIVATION Follow this link to start using your KMX2 to unlock a TP

Note that you DO NOT need to run any software on your LOCKED TP, obviously you cannot run any software on a locked TP.

You will need ANOTHER PC OR LAPTOP NOT your locked TP to run Terminal software to complete the Activation of your KMX2.

It is recommended that until you are thoroughly familiar with using your KMX2 that you use KMX2 with a second PC simply because you will benefit from the detailed instructions and detailed error messages displayed on your PC. Once you are familiar with your KMX2 then you can use it with only the Zap SVP button or with the KMX-LCD

After Activation has been completed AND you are familiar withe the operation of your KMX2 then -  you do NOT need a second PC or laptop when using the KMX2 Zap SVP button or when using KMX2 together with the KMX-LCD


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