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KeyMaker update path to X1 or X2 series for KeyMakers with earlier firmware 

ANY working KeyMaker USB  

This is an Update to the latest firmware with the SAME LEVEL OF FUNCTIONALITY
as you now have. 

To upgrade to a higher level of functionality you need to buy a Product Activation key Upgrade to that higher level of functionality Higher Functionality Upgrade

Please read all the information below BEFORE you contact Joe by email, on the Subject Line of your email type "Update  KeyMaker Firmware, same functionality"

This Firmware Update offer only applies to KeyMakers that have been Activated and which DO NOT HAVE DAMAGED I2C interface or any other damage that makes it non operational.

Since the launch of the KeyMaker USB series back in February 2010 there have been 4 different boards used, any of the 4 boards pictured below can have their firmware updated

Atmega328 boards can be updated to the current firmware KeyMaker X1

Atmega1280 boards can be updated to the current firmware KeyMaker X2

A KeyMaker ATmega328 board CANNOT be updated to KeyMaker KMX2 simply because the firmware will NOT FIT into the  Atmega328 board's smaller capacity Microcontroller.

ATmega328 KeyMaker board - 2 switches, yellow connectors.

ATmega328 KeyMaker board - 3 switches -

ATmega328 KeyMaker board - 2 switches -

ATmega1280 KeyMaker board - 3 switches -

ATmega1280 KeyMaker board - 2 switches -

If your old KeyMaker board is not fitted with the "Zap SVP button", do not worry, as part of the update at no extra charge, it will be fitted with a Zap SVP button.

Before sending back your KeyMaker for firmware update you need to perform the KeyMaker DIAGNOSTIC so that YOU KNOW if your KeyMaker is damaged or not.

I have no desire to get into a fight with you about was your KeyMaker damaged or wasn't your KeyMaker damaged before you sent it to me.

My update procedure involves updating the firmware ON YOUR EXISTING KEYMAKER BOARD, that process cannot damage your KeyMaker board.

You may not be aware that on the last occasion you used your KeyMaker you may have damaged it.

Before posting your KeyMaker to me for Firmware Update, run your KeyMaker Diagnostic command so YOU know if your KeyMaker is damaged or not

This is NOT an opportunity to have your damaged KeyMaker replaced for FREE, be very clear about that

This offer only applies to KeyMakers that DO NOT HAVE DAMAGED I2C interface or any other damage, see above.

All existing KeyMakers going right back to the first one sold in early 2010 can be updated to the equivalent KMX1 or KMX2 [if you have an ATmega1280 based board] series functionality level.

The firmware update to the equivalent KMX1 or KMX2 series functionality level will cost you USD $30 that includes return shipping, you pay to post your KeyMaker to me for firmware update.

Orders will only be accepted from a Verified PayPal account 
Check the Status of your PayPal account before ordering

KeyMaker Firmware Update 

USD $30.00 


If your KeyMaker is damaged when I inspect it, I will email you asking you to pay for a replacement KeyMaker Board of the same type ATmega328 or ATmega1280 as your damaged board.

Replacement ATmega 328 KeyMaker Board

USD $40.00 

The ATmega328 KeyMaker board pictured below

Replacement ATmega1280 KeyMaker Board

No longer in stock 
No Longer in stock

The ATmega1280 KeyMaker board pictured below

Your Firmware Updated KMX1 or KMX2 KeyMaker Board will be delivered to you with a new serial number and will need to be Activated with a new Activation Product key.

All of Joe's KeyMakers boards that have had their Firmware Updated are shipped NOT Activated.

KeyMaker board will do NOTHING useful until it has been activated !

Before you can use your KeyMaker board you must Activate it.

KeyMaker board will do nothing useful until it has been Activated, it will simply sit there if powered up and display a constantly flashing Green LED which is it's way of telling you it has not been Activated.

The Zap SVP will NOT work until after the KeyMaker board has been Activated.

Put simply, do not waste your time trying to use the KeyMaker board until it has been Activated.

Follow this link to Activate your KMX1 board

Follow this link to Activate your KMX2 board

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I make no warranty that any of my information is correct, or safe, or does or does not breach any warranty clause,  or anything else, it is up to you to decide if you will follow all or any of the instructions to recover the Supervisor Password from a TP. It is up to you to decide, I am not responsible for the results or for any consequential or incidental damages whatsoever.

 If you have any questions WHICH ARE NOT ALREADY COVERED IN THESE PAGES , email Joe at

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